My HALO Journey

As I mentioned in my last post, we now are offering Halo™ by Sciton at TOC Medical Spa.  I had my treatment March 19th and took a series of photos and took notes about my experience to better inform our patients.

immediate before halo

Before Halo/March 19th

immediate post halo

Immediately after Halo™

The days after treatment:


Day One

March 20th

Day Two     March 21st

Day Three      March 22nd

Day Four      March 23rd

By day five and six most of the brown had detached and sloughed off.  Unfortunately my photos from these days were lost:-(

Day Eight

March 28th

(still a small amount of malar swelling)

I wore topical numbing for approximately 45 minutes before the treatment.  The treatment itself felt like prickly heat.  The heat accumulates and becomes more uncomfortable with repeat passes with the laser.   A cool chiller is utilized along with the laser and helps to alleviate some of the sting.   The face is treated in 5 zones: each cheek, each side of the forehead and then the nose.  The perioral area is treated with the cheek zones.  I thought the most uncomfortable areas were the forehead and upper lip.  I think we all experience the sensation a bit differently so 4 people could have slightly different descriptions.  Post treatment, my face felt very hot for 45 minutes.  This seems to be consistent with everyone we have treated.  I drove home with the AC blasting on my face for most of that time.

At TOC we are recommending very gentle products post treatment for up to 5 days.  We are providing our patients Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion and Aquaphor.

As you can see in the photos there is redness and swelling after the treatment for up to 5 days.  By day 2 a bronzing appearance and rough (sandpaper like) texture evolve.   This is the microscopic necrotic skin cells coming to the surface.    These slough off, in most cases, by day 5.  It is not unusual to have a few acne blemishes post Halo™, which I did.

I had swelling in the periocular and malar (cheek) area for a solid 7-8 days.  This is not typical, however.  Most patients have resolution of swelling by day 5.

Halo™ by Sciton helps with pigmentation, texture and the appearance of pores.  Improvement will continue to be seen over the coming months as the collagen stimulation triggered by the treatment can take months to be fully realized.

This is me today, 2 1/2 weeks post treatment.

April 5th

The treatment definitely lifted hyperpigmentation and brightened my complexion.  The results are impressive for one treatment with minimal downtime.  (mind you, I felt unsightly for a few days due to the swelling!)

Sun avoidance is very important after a Halo™, so sunscreen and big hats should be at the ready.   Most patients can return to their normal skincare routine at day 5-7, which will always include a sunscreen 🙂  We treat everyone prophylactically with antiviral medication (Valtrex) as the treatment can trigger a outbreak of cold sores.

Hope this helps and that my series of mug shots aren’t too much!

Have a great weekend!





Alastin Eye

The next product I wanted to share details about is the Alastin™ Restorative Eye Treatment™.  As with the other products from this line I have reviewed, the eye product contains their, patent pending, TriHex Technology™.  This combination of peptides helps our skin perform its best.  The peptides help your skin cells  to communicate better and form new collagen and elastin.  The elastin in the eye area will help to firm and minimize puffiness in the area.  Sounds good to me!

Along with the Restorative Skin Complex™, I have been using this eye product twice a day.  I do feel it has firmed my eye tissue, minimize fine lines AND helps with puffiness in the mornings.  This eye product is meant to be used on both the upper and lower lids.  On the upper lids it can create a lift as the skin thickens and tightens.

The key ingredients are:

  • Alastin Tri-Hex Technology™- As mentioned, a blend of peptides to stimulate collagen/elastin.
  • Niacinamide (Vit B3) and Squalane-  Helps to even skin tone and brighten the eye area.
  • Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract (Mimosa Tree)- Anti inflammatory/calming benefits and decreased glycation (when sugars break down our cells).
  • Darutoside- Anti inflammatory/reduces capillary leakage diminishing dark circles and has an antihistamine effect.
  • Ornithine- Volumizer/helps support adipocytes (fat cells) to maintain youthful volume. *this will not create bags or too much volume
  • Trumellafuciformis Sporocarp Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate- Hydrators. Keep the skin plump and minimize fine lines.
  • Trimethylol Hexyllactone Crosspoymer- Light diffusing, diminishes appearance of fine lines.
  • Propyl Gallate (from oats, soothing) Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (from green tea)- Improves appearance of under eye dark circles.

The eye area is one of the first to show evidence of aging, so starting the use of a quality eye cream with effective active ingredients sooner rather than later is worth our while.  It is easier to prevent than it is to correct!