Who am I?

I am Dawn Sasiela.  I am an Aesthetic Nurse Consultant at TOC  Medical Spa in Austin, Texas.  I have been working in the Medical Aesthetic field for the last ten years.

I have a BSN in Nursing from Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York.  My first 13 years as a nurse were spent on the floor in various medical/surgical specialties working REALLY hard.  Too hard.  I was craving a change and learned there was a specialty in aesthetic nursing that would combine my nursing skills with my love of skin care.

I love all things skin care related and actually LOVE my job.  My passion for skin care was born originally from the “fluff” but has evolved since entering the field of Medical Aesthetics.  I am a first hand account of how much damage we can repair from years of sun worshiping.  The benefits of topical products, lasers and injectables are so satisfying.  Guiding my clients through the options and seeing their improvement is even more rewarding.


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