What are peptides and why do we want them in our skin care products?

A peptide consists of 2 or more amino acids and are the building blocks of proteins.   There are hundreds of peptides. There is growing research in skin care proving that certain peptides have the ability to assist the skin cells to perform specific functions.  In skin care, the peptides are  used to help trigger the growth of new collagen and elastin.  Although, there are also neuropeptides that have the ability to relax the muscles slightly as well.  (think a very weak version of Botox) There are also certain peptides which researchers are discovering assist in the support of adipose tissue.  (fat, which gives our face fullness that we loose over time)

There is enough proof that incorporating peptides in your skincare regime has worthwhile benefits.  Peptides are best when used in conjunction with other skin supportive ingredients, such as antioxidants.  These ingredients can work synergistically with one another.

When looking at an ingredient deck look for hexapeptides, tripeptides, dipeptides and tetrapeptides.  Think of the peptides as part of a healthy diet for your skin.  Just as you would eat a well balanced, nutritious diet to support the functions of your body.

As always, always have a quality sunscreen with zinc or titanium as a part of your morning routine!

Products I am currently utilizing myself and recommending to clients with peptides include:

Alastin Restorative Skin

Alastin™ Skincare Restorative Complex

Alastin Eye

Alastin™ Skincare Restorative Eye Complex


NeoCutis Microfirm Neck and Décolleté Rejuvenating Complex

As always, the mentioned products are available at TOC Medical Spa here in Austin!

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