I thought I would share an honest account of the process of having an IPL or photofacial followed by a peel.

*please pardon the mug shots ūüôā


This is a before photo the day I did my IPL

I was bothered by hyperpigmentation which was increasing over the last 6 months



The two above photos¬†are the day after the IPL and the pigmented lesions have “peppered” and now appear darker.¬† This is GOOD!¬† That is what I was targeting!

After allowing my skin to calm down for 1-2 weeks, I applied a VI Peel¬ģ on day 10.¬† By day 4 I was experiencing peeling that lifted my stratum corneum (the top layer) and any remaining peppering that was hanging on.


The peeling starts around the mouth and spreads out the cheeks over the course of 1-2 days.¬† This period is itchy and a bit irritated, but the VI Peel¬ģ comes with hydrocortisone cream in an emollient base that helps sooth the skin.¬† I flaked until yesterday which was day 9.

Today is 10 days since  I applied my peel and I now have clear, smooth and rejuvenated skin.  My pores appear smaller, the pigment is significantly improved and any fine lines have been minimized.  Makeup applies very smoothly after recovering from these procedures.


Here is todays mug shot!

(without makeup on face as evidence by my uncamouflaged breakout! just eye makeup)

I wish I had a picture from 12 years ago before I started taking care of my skin. Once upon a time I was a red head who wanted a tan!¬† I was covered in freckles and “age spots”.¬† I try very hard to protect my skin these days.¬† However, even with my efforts, I end up with some sun from long walks with my dog or hiking with friends.

Anyway, I am a huge fan of these modalities for skin rejuvenation and thought I would share these photos as an example of what one can expect!  I try to do this 3-4 times per year.



There are a few stand-out products from 2016!

Alastin Restorative Skin

The Alastin Restorative Skin Complex¬ģ has become a part of my daily routine.¬† I have found an improvement in the texture and tone of my skin using this product regularly.¬† The skin around my eyes (especially under my eyes) has firmed and there are fewer fine lines.¬† This product has peptides that help your skin grow collagen and elastin.¬† Restorative Skin Complex has been written up in numerous publications and has been recommended by multiple dermatologists and plastic surgeons.¬†¬† It is worth every penny.


Skinceuticals C E Ferulic rotates in and out of my regime, and has for years.  There is unequivocal evidence that this product, loaded with antioxidants, helps neutralize UV and free radicals.  Used with sunscreen, your protection is improved significantly.  90 % of visible premature aging is caused by environmental free radicals.  Sunscreen alone is not enough.  Adding an antioxidant such as C E Ferulic or Phloretin CF gives the skin significantly improved protection.


Elta MD¬ģ UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 is always on my bathroom counter, in my purse and in my car.¬† With 9 % zinc oxide, the sun protection is superior to any chemical sunscreen.¬† The¬†formula is not at all heavy, and with¬† hyaluronic acid¬†, it is hydrating.¬†¬† I love this sunscreen.


Skinceuticals Metacell Renewal B3 is also always in my rotation.  This product helps with hyperpigmentation and, with niacinamide, redness as well.  It has a smooth and hydrating feel without feeling heavy or greasy.  Great product.


Allergan Juvederm Voluma‚ĄĘ has become one of my favorite dermal fillers.¬† It is FDA approved for filling the midface, although I use if off-label in temples, tear troughs and lower face.¬† This filler is wonderful at restoring lost volume while looking very soft and natural.


And, as always, the tried and true merits of Botox¬ģ and Dysport¬ģ can not be disputed.¬†¬† The preventative and corrective effects of both of these botulin products¬†are proven in terms of efficacy and safety.¬† They are here to stay, and when in the right hands, can create a rested appearance.¬† We have all seen a “Botoxed” face, but that is not how it has to be.¬† There can be movement and expression¬† when the muscle activity is minimized rather than frozen.¬† A rested appearance is the ideal outcome.

Botox cropped


One more product I have enjoyed this year, and in previous years, The Vi Peel.  In a perfect scenario we would all have a peel every 3-4 months.  Peels help to lift damaged and dull skin, stimulates collagen, fades hyperpigmentation and clears stubborn breakouts.  I love my skin 10 days after the peel is applied.  The Vi Peel is strong enough to see a difference ,but not so strong that there are weeks of downtime.    Great glow!


All products and services mentioned are available here at TOC Medical Spa in Austin!

I hope your 2017 is off to a great start!  Here is to your health and happiness!