The skin care market is saturated and there are many duplicate products, or  lines, that are offering the same basic active ingredients, but in different packaging.  There are numerous lines that I consider high quality skin care with therapeutic percentages of active ingredients. (ingredients that help with biological activity in the skin)  There are almost too many to choose from!  However,  once in a while something new comes along that is innovative and worth looking in to.

Alastin Skincare™ is one of those lines.  They have created a line of products to help prepare the skin for procedures, recover post treatment and then to maintain the results.  The products contain their, patent pending, Tri Hex Technology™ .  This is a combination of peptides (small proteins) which direct and signal the cells in the dermis to generate new collagen and elastin.  The peptides in the TriHex Technology™ also help to cue the cleaning out of the ECM, (extra cellular matrix) which makes up 70% of our skin.  Once the ECM is purged of debris the cells can perform better at what they do.   Collagen and elastin are made in the dermis where the ECM is the largest component of the dermal layer.  Alastin ™ is one of the few lines proven to significantly increase elastin.  Collagen production has been successful with multiple topicals and modalities in skin care but elastin has been more difficult to regenerate.  This elevates the Alastin™ line in my eyes.

Elastin is what gives our skin that “snap back” (elasticity)  when we pinch it.  As we age and pinch our skin it is more likely to remain tented before it retracts, due to the diminishing elastin in our tissues.  The fact that the TriHex Technology™ has been successful in regenerating elastin is exciting.


(this is a slide of skin biopsies demonstrating the generation of elastin)

The line also contains actives which help with oxidative stress, glycation and inflammation.    Additionally, there are ingredients which are adipocyte activators that help to support the fatty layer in our skin assisting with youthful volume.

The line was originally created for a niche in the skin care market for pre and post procedure.  The first product with TriHex Technology™ was Skin Nectar™.      It was created to condition the skin to tolerate a procedure better and heal faster afterwards.    However, the line has evolved, and includes numerous products with TriHex Technology™.

  • Alastin Skin Nectar™
  • Restorative Skin Complex™
  • Restorative Eye Treatment™
  • Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer™

Additionally the line contains a retinol product, Renewal Retinol .5™.  As with all retinols, this product increases cellular turnover and  boosts collagen production resulting in diminished lines and wrinkles and improved skin tone.  This retinol is combined with anti-irritants, antioxidants and a potent hydrator to help minimize the side effects a retinol or retinoid can create.  Tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract is from a type of mushroom.  This extract has 20% more glucuronic acid than hyaluronic acid, giving it superior moisturizing properties (400 times as moisturizing as HA).  This helps minimize the dryness that can accompany the use of retinol.

We have started carrying a selection of these products at TOC Medical Spa and I plan to do additional blogs on individual products with more detail over the coming month.

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