facial changes 2

Our face experiences numerous structural changes over the years and having a general concept of these changes can help approach a customized aesthethic treatment plan.

Changes occur over time with the skin, fat, muscle and bone contributing to our facial changes, most notably, volume loss.

Over time our skin becomes thinner, drier and experiences a reduction in collagen.  The skin becomes less elastic and is likely to sag and wrinkle.  Sun damage contributes and causes skin discoloration as well.

fat 2

Additionally, our facial fat pads atrophy (break down) and shift under the skin leading to facial volume loss.  We tend to lose volume in the temples and mid face while gaining volume around the mouth, jaw and lower face.  The separation in the fat pads results in visible unevenness in our facial contours, where once it was a smooth with the apex at the lateral cheek.

bone 2

Bone loss over the years is another reason for the loss of volume.  Bone resorption over the years causes the overlying structures to loose support.

full face aging changes

The above diagram notes some of the commonly noted changes that individuals eventually seek treatment for.  There is not a one size fits all approach as we all experience age related facial changes differently.

Fillers such as HA’s, (hyaluronic acid) Sculptra® or Radiesse® can be used to return volume where it is lost.  Restoring volume in certain areas can have a nice impact on the contours, restoring a more refreshed appearance.  For instance, mid face.  Mid face volume does not only restore volume to the mid face but tends to have a lifting effect to all the tissues below.  Nasolabial folds, oral commissures and marionette lines all soften with mid face correction.

Some of the lines from repetitive muscle movement are best treated with Botox®, Dysport® or Xeomin®.  (such as the frown lines, crows feet or horizontal forehead lines)

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