Long lashes have been coveted by women for a very long time.  Over the years false lash strips, various mascara formulations and lash extensions have been used to obtain length and fullness.

I am going to review two popular lash growth products, Latisse® and Revitalash®.  Both of these products use prostaglandins.   I have both professional and personal experience with each.

Essentially, Latisse® is a prescription strength product while Revitalash® is over the counter.  They both use prostaglandins to keep lashes in their active growth cycle for longer.  This phase of growth is called the anagen phase.  Keeping lashes in this phase of growth allows them to become thicker and longer.

Once upon a time numerous lash products used the prostaglandin Bimatoprost, a proven prostamide for lash growth.  Originally the lash growth was realized as a side effect from a topical glaucoma medication.  Ultimately, Allergen pharmaceuticals completed FDA regulated studies using Bimatoprost for lash growth and introduced Latisse®.  They also subsequently sued various other complanies who were using Bimatropost as they had acquired the patent for lash growth.  These companies were then required to reformulate their products without Bimatoprost.

Revitalash® uses a prostaglandin called, get ready for this, dechloro dihydroxy difluoro ethylclprostenolamide.  There are numerous plant based conditioners in the product as well to condition the lashes.  But the (insert really long name) is what makes your lashes longer and fuller by keeping the lashes in the anagen phase longer.

Which works?  They both do.  Latisse® has more dramatic results.  Both take up to 4 months to realize the full effect of the daily use of the product.  The efficacy of Latisse® is obviously a pro.  Latisse® can create dramatic lash length.   However, there are numerous patients who develop irritation with Latisse®, which is a con.  I have had numerous patients inquire about the changing of eye color which Latisse® had to disclose from their studies.  This is very unusual and unlikely.  I have never seen it or spoken to another provider who has seen eye color changes.  The irritation is the main complaint I have personally experienced and had patients complain of.  Another con of Latisse® is cost.  It is around $100 (depending on the pharmacy) for a 1-2 month supply.  Revitalash® is $150 and will last 4-5 months making it more cost effective.  I have had no complaints of irritation with Revitalash®.

Honestly, if lash growth is something you are interested in it is worth while to try both products and see which works best for you.

I realize there are numerous other lash products on the market that use various formulations of peptides and conditioners but the two I have discussed are the two that can actually keep your lashes in the active growth cycle longer.

Other products I researched were NeuLASH®, RapidLash®, Marini Lash™, Lashovée™ and Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For™.  All of these are a combination of conditioners and peptides.  There are no prostaglandins in these products.  I do not doubt that by conditioning the lashes one would see improvement in lashes.  However, using a product with a prostaglandin will be more dramatic.




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