Quick blog about an interesting article in the NYT’s this week.  The article discussed the stability of face products and the best way to package a product to keep the active ingredients from oxidizing.  The gist of the article was that products (that we spend A LOT of money on) are best packaged in airless pumps.  Airless pumps maintain product efficacy by keeping actives (such as retinol and Vit C) from exposure to air and minimizing oxidation.

Numerous companies are catching on and many products are now available in airless pumps.  The days of luxurious face creams in jars is perhaps going to be history. (unlikely as women love a pretty jar on the bathroom counter :-))   The active ingredients are too sensitive to oxygen.  They are also sensitive to light.  You may notice some products come in darker glass packaging which also helps protect the “actives” from light.

When purchasing skin care take the packaging in to consideration.  Products in jars are more likely to degrade earlier, have bacterial contamination and require more preservatives.  You are also more likely to overuse a product in a jar when scooping it out.

It is worth considering.  Although, I have to admit one of my favorite moisturizers that I go back to over and over is in a JAR! SkinMedica Dermal Repair is a long time favorite, even if the packaging does not help preserve the antioxidants inside.


  1. It’s not easy finding good products in a pump, in particular a cream moisturizer. A brand that has all of her moisturizers in a jar with a pump (except one eye cream) is Kate Somerville. I used to work with the products and I really like them. But I also like to play so I’ve strayed a little.


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