I frequently have patients and friends ask what I am using on my skin.  I tend to change things up every few months while sticking to my “recipe” of antioxidants, sunscreen and something to increase cellular turnover.  I am currently LOVING my new routine as I am seeing results.  I battle hyperpigmentation, mild redness and an occasional breakout.  The kind of breakouts women in their forties have, cystic blemishes, around the chin mostly.

Currently my morning routine includes cleansing with a 1% Glycolic cleanser with my Clarisonic brush in the shower. (AGE management systems cleanser) The cleanser is a line we carry at Toccare in 3 strengths. 1%, 8% and 12%.  A glycolic cleanser helps minimize congestion/decrease acne and helps brighten skin. The goal is to work up in strength as tolerated.    When I get out of the shower I dry my skin and apply my CE Ferulic (my antioxidant, SkinCeuticals) and let that absorb before my next step.  I have recently introduced Metacell Renewal B3, also from SkinCeuticals.  This is a emulsifier/hydrator which has 5%  niacinamide and a tri-peptide concentrate that helps promote collagen and elastin.  The niacinamide increases cellular turnover and  minimizes redness.  I think this is the product that I have introduced which is giving me improved results.  It feels “active” (mild tingling) when I apply it and I have seen some mild flaking .  A few pesky brown spots are fading and my overall skin tone is improved. ( less redness, smoother)  Once that has absorbed, which happens quickly, I apply my sunscreen.  I have several sunscreens in rotation right now.  Elta Md Daily SPF 40 (9% Zinc and 7.5% Octinoxate)  and SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 (5% Zinc and 6% Titanium).  Both are excellent broad spectrum every day sunscreens.  Rain or Shine, I do not leave the house without sunscreen.

In the evenings I cleanse with the same AGE management systems cleanser.  I frequently also use my Jane Iredale Magic Mitt to remove my makeup.  It really is magic.  It even EASILY removes stubborn  eye products.  I usually throw it in with a load of wash twice a  week and have been using it for several years.  (no more disposable makeup remover wipes) Once my skin is dry I apply SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E antioxidant night concentrate.  This is also a newer product to my routine.  I have been on board with antioxidants for years during the day so now I have more free radical fighting at night!  I finish with another pump of the Metacell Renewal B3.

I am currently only using my retinoid to spot treat blemishes as needed.  I am finding the Metacell Renewal B3 is providing enough cellular turnover that I am backing off the retinols/retinoids at the moment.

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