Micro-needling (or Collagen Induction Therapy, CIT) has been around for a number of years but is experiencing a surge in aesthetic medicine due to its efficacy with minimal downtime.  Most skin types can tolerate micro-needling.  The latest incarnations are fully automated pens with a single use tip that a trained professional uses to create micro-injuries in the skin to help stimulate collagen and elastin.  The results lead to thicker epidermis and dermis minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, irregular texture and help firm the skin.  The micro-channels also allow products to penetrate more effectively so the treatment may have add-ons: for instance, growth factors or antioxidants.

Micro-penning or micro-needling can also fade hyperpigmentation, minimize scars (acne, surgical) and minimize the appearance of stretch marks.  Ideally one receives a series of treatments as the cumulative results are where the best results are seen.

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and generally is completed after topical analgesic has been allowed to numb the skin. The treatment itself is prickly, almost like a cats tongue.   Following the treatment the skin is  pink and possibly slightly swollen.  These side effects are short lived and generally one can return to regular activities within a day.

Anyone who has a history of cold sores (HSV) should take an anti-viral to help ward off an outbreak.  Additionally, one should avoid the sun for at least two weeks after a treatment.

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