One of my favorite new at home treatments is the Tria® device.  The Tria® is the only FDA-cleared at home laser.  It is a fractionated non-ablative laser in a small hand held device which creates microscopic zones of cellular disruption. (or micro injuries) This stimulates the bodies healing response, ultimately creating new collagen and elastin.  Over time skin appears smoother and hyperpigmentation (freckles) fades.  The microchannels in the skin also allows active ingredients to penetrate more effectively allowing the skin to absorb up to 17 x’s the amount of, for example, antioxidants.  We sell the device with both C E Ferulic® and Resveratrol B E (both Skinceutical® products) to help our clients receive the most from their Tria® and antioxidants.

The Tria® sits on a charger when not in use.  When you are ready to treat yourself simply cleanse your skin and treat your face as instructed.  There are three levels of treatment and the company recommends starting on level one and slowly working up to level 3.  I recommend NOT going home and treating your whole face on level 3 (which I did) right out of the gates because it is uncomfortable and you look like a tomato afterwards.  You definitely feel it working!  Gradually working your way up to level 3 is best as it allows you to acclimate to the laser.  Over time a treatment on level 3 is not uncomfortable at all.

I tell my clients that it is a great tool to have in your tool belt at home as it gives you an opportunity to stimulate collagen effectively.  It is perfect for at home maintenance.  The Tria® is similar to a Fraxel laser treatment, only much less aggressive.  With a typical in office treatment with a Fraxel you have approximately 25-30% of your skin treated.  The Tria® is affecting approximately 1% of your tissue with a treatment.  But you can imagine over time how this could really make a difference.    Once on level 3 each treatment takes about 5 minutes.  Quick and easy!

For those of you more familiar with laser technology, the Tria® is a diode 1440 nm device.  It has a 12 mJ output with a depth of penetration up to 350 microns.

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